Difference Between FRP Cooling Tower And Water Tower

The fiberglass cooling towers are mainly used for cooling water and then recycling water. It can make good use of water resources and is mainly used in relatively large production areas, such as power plants.

The pipe that is connected at the uppermost part of the FRP cooling tower will spray the water to be cooled downwards. There is a blower on the inner wall of the water tower, the utility of the blower is to blow the air in, and a large exhaust fan is installed in the upper part, the utility of the exhaust fan is to extract the air from the top of the tower, which is conducive to the flow of the airflow, accelerate the cooling of the water, reduce the temperature of the water, and install a heat sink on the pipeline to accelerate the heat dissipation time of the hot water, which is more conducive to water cooling.

The FRP cool water tower is a non-residential archway, the utility is used to cool the hot water. The height of the cooling tower is usually set according to the type and volume of units owned by the power plant. It is a kind of non-residential building for saving water and recycling water in the power plant.

The wind has blown in from the top forms a connection with the water jetted from the top. The wind that can be convected will remove the hot air, and a considerable part of the water evaporates in the process, evaporation can also take away the heat flow. so after a variety of conditions to reduce the temperature of the water.

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