How To Install A Glass Septic Tank?

If you want to go to the bathroom at home, or if you want to solve a private problem in a public toilet, you must have the septic tank built in advance. Now, because all aspects of China's crafts are very developed, there are now Glass Septic Tanks on the market.

Today, let's talk about how to install an No Leakage Fiberglass Septic Tank.

1. When the Good Tightness Fiberglass Septic Tank is delivered to the construction site, the product should be inspected and accepted before installation. Is it the required model and checked for damage? According to the sewage inlet, the final water outlet and the construction drawing, the site is laid out, and the trenching is carried out under the condition that the product can be placed.

2. Excavation confirms whether there are other pipelines in the ground, and care should be taken not to damage them. Whether there is groundwater, soil quality, etc.

Glass Septic Tanks

Glass Septic Tanks

3. The grading is carried out according to the type of the septic tank and the soil condition .

4. Before the trenching, prepare the power supply, water pump, clean water source, iron shovel, measuring ruler, measuring instrument, etc., necessary tools in the construction, in case of special circumstances.

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