Precautions For Installation And Use Of Frp Water Tank

The Fiberglass Septic Tank Manufacturer will explain the precautions for installation and use of glass fiber reinforced plastic water tank.

1.High Quality Frp fiber reinforced plastic purification tower should be installed on the concrete foundation more than 100mm above the ground.

2. Pay attention to protection during transportation and installation of Fiberglass Composite Pipe Fittings, and do not damage the body and components.

3. If the glass fiber reinforced plastic purification tower is installed and working outdoors, pay attention to the freezing prevention of the bottom pool in winter.

4. When installing the fan, the sundries should be strictly prevented from falling into the fan. After the purification tower is installed, before the commissioning, the debris and dirt in each circulation system should be carefully checked to avoid clogging.

FRE Pipe

FRE Pipe

5. Due to the flammability of general FRP, the use of open flame is strictly prohibited during the installation and maintenance of the acid mist purification tower. Each flange ensures sealing to prevent gas escape and liquid leakage.

6. The absorption liquid in the FRP purification tower uses sodium hydroxide solution. The solution concentration should be kept within 6%. When the concentration of sodium hydroxide solution is lower than 4%, sodium hydroxide solution must be added. The waste liquid in the purification tower should be replaced regularly according to the actual situation.

7. The purification tower must be managed by a special person, and it is often checked whether the fan is running normally, the pump is running normally, the liquid level is normal, whether the sodium hydroxide solution is within the specified range, etc. If problems are found, they should be resolved in time.

8. The acid mist purification tower adds the absorption liquid through the liquid addition tank, and the liquid level is increased to the liquid inlet level during use. When the acid mist purification tower is shipped, the liquid level is added to the liquid inlet level again; attention should be paid during the use Replenish the absorption liquid. When the acid mist purification tower is working, check the water level every 8 hours and replenish the absorption liquid.

9. When using, the circulating water pump should be started for 2-3 minutes, and then the blower should be turned on. When stopping, the blower should be stopped for 1-2 minutes, and then the circulating water pump should be stopped.

10. The acid concentration of the liquid in the FRP purification tower and the degree of gas purification in the exhaust gas should be regularly checked according to the usage. When the standard is exceeded, the absorption liquid in the acid mist purification tower should be replaced.